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Bill Broadbent

You don‘t have to eat an insect to understand why our perception of insects as food needs to change

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Eat an Insect?

I know. I’ve heard it all before. People here in the West have an aversion to eating an ancient food our ancestors ate and billions of people eat today. Insects are a healthy protein-rich food source available to just about anyone anywhere. It’s environmentally friendly, raised humanely, and offers a low-tech business opportunity to people around the world.

Adding insects to our diet makes sense.


Despite initial reactions, I’ve witnessed many people master this mental challenge when they were sure they would never eat a bug initially. …

They are also edible.

I know, it sounds awful but insects are considered food by billions of people and hornworms, fried and spiced, taste good.

Sustainable and nutritious.

Note: If you use pestisides, or ever have, avoid eating the insects in your garden.

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Depending on the type of ant, you might welcome their presence.

Larger ants like carpenter ants and termites () can damage your home but smaller ants are just there to eat what you don’t.

Most people don’t want ants of any kind in their house. But, if you see sugar ants or similar small ants, keep in mind, they’re cleaning your cupboards.

Instead of spraying poison, clean the area. Ants are an indication of unclean surfaces. They don’t spread disease like mosquitos. They’re just cleaning where you haven't.

This is not a personal judgment. Ants can get to…

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Santiago ran into the house, yelling that a scorpion had bitten him! He was panicked and worried that he was going to die. Finding his Mom, he screamed, “

Santiago’s Mom, having been through this a number of times before, sat Santiago down and told him that she’d get some ice cream for the sting. Santiago thought about it and had to ask, “Do I put the ice cream on the sting? And, don’t I need to go to the hospital?”.

Most scorpion stings hurt a lot but are not deadly. In many…

$5 Upsell Produces 400% Margin & Creates Marketing Buzz!

Half-past midnight, Alec noticed the “ table card that offered a Real Manchurian Scorpion added to a cocktail and lit on fire for $5. He dared Tom to join him, and the two bought a couple of Flaming Scorpion Cocktails.

The bartender didn’t just hand them the drinks with a scorpion on top; he performed a bit of theater. Before he placed the scorpions on the cocktails, he showed Alec and Tom how the scorpion glowed in his hand under a blacklight. Scorpions naturally glow an eerie blue/green color.

The people around them noticed Alec and Tom’s reaction. So, by…

How to Build and Maintain a Mini Cricket Farm

Walking around the State Fair looking at the livestock and the kids that raise them, it struck me that Mini-Livestock were not represented. Considering the fact that they’re easy to raise humanely, they’re sustainable and super nutritious, it was a shame that they weren’t represented. So, I decided to do something about it and wrote this article on How to Raise Crickets.

Cricket Powder is a nutritional powerhouse that, for many, requires a serious mental challenge | Here’s how we can change the world by giving it a try

Photo: © neslihan | Adobe Stock

At the end of a recent presentation, someone who had shown up late was munching on one of the cookies being handed out, and she wanted to ask a question. She preceded her question by mentioning that the nutritional, environmental, and sustainable aspects of eating insects appealed to her. But, she can not imagine ever getting over the ick factor. This is a serious mental challenge for a lot of people.

Then she asked what many people ask, “What do insects taste like?” The answer was that she was eating crickets at the moment. Her cookie contained cricket powder.


Why is it there, and what happens when you EAT THE WORM?

Photo: © Marcos | Adobe Stock

Jackson was a world traveler and considered herself open to any adventure. But, tonight, she was put on the spot. For an extra $5, her tequila shot would include “ “El Maguey.”

She had heard that the worm was psychedelic, but she was highly skeptical. The real problem was that… . Can she get up the gumption to eat a worm? Her friends were sure she could. “Jackson, Jackson, Jackson,” they chanted as she looked at the red Chinicuil worm. Following in the tradition of so many college kids before her, she took the shot and…

A bio-available protein source packed with vitamins and minerals, available to almost anyone anywhere, is being maligned as the food of the poor.

Photo: © africa | Adobe Stock

Working with small companies in China, Thailand, and Mexico, I found a disturbing trend. Young people are moving away from certain traditional foods because we look down on them.

From an early age, we’re taught that this food is disgusting and we’re afraid to even try it. These unwarranted cultural fears are keeping us from an entire food group simply because we’re conditioned to be scared to try it. Logic is on its side, but emotion makes us recoil at the thought.

Odds are, you’re afraid to eat insects. …

By the time your children are my age, it’s going to be a different world. This one addition to their diet today will make it a better world tomorrow. Plus, your kids will love it!


Steak is Symptomatic.

Steak is becoming more and more popular all the time. Here in the West, we revere steak. Steak is what we eat when we celebrate. Steak is super popular, and its popularity is expanding worldwide. Young people in many countries consider eating steak as a status symbol.

This desire to eat steak is driven by trends here in the West. By what people see online, on TV, and in the movies. We create trends, and the world follows. …

Bill Broadbent

Bill is President of Entosense and has been actively involved in the emerging edible insect industry since 2014. Visit: &

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