Bill Broadbent

You don‘t have to eat an insect to understand why our perception of insects as food needs to change

Eat an Insect? Ooh, Ich!

I know. I’ve heard it all before. People here in the West have an aversion to eating an ancient food our ancestors ate and billions of people eat today. Insects are a healthy protein-rich food source available to just about anyone anywhere. …

Cricket Powder is a nutritional powerhouse that, for many, requires a serious mental challenge | Here’s how we can change the world by giving it a try

At the end of a recent presentation, someone who had shown up late was munching on one of the cookies being handed out, and she wanted to ask a question. She preceded her question by mentioning that the nutritional, environmental, and sustainable aspects of eating insects appealed to her. But…

A bio-available protein source packed with vitamins and minerals, available to almost anyone anywhere, is being maligned as the food of the poor.

Working with small companies in China, Thailand, and Mexico, I found a disturbing trend. Young people are moving away from certain traditional foods because we look down on them.

From an early age, we’re taught that this food is disgusting and we’re afraid to even try it. These unwarranted cultural…

Bill Broadbent

Bill is President of Entosense and has been actively involved in the emerging edible insect industry since 2014. Visit: &

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