Parents! Please, Add This Ancient High Protein Food to Your Children’s Diet Instead of Meat.

By the time your children are my age, it’s going to be a different world. This one addition to their diet today will make it a better world tomorrow. Plus, your kids will love it!

Bill Broadbent
5 min readJun 9, 2020



Steak is Symptomatic.

Steak is becoming more and more popular all the time. Here in the West, we revere steak. Steak is what we eat when we celebrate. Steak is super popular, and its popularity is expanding worldwide. Young people in many countries consider eating steak as a status symbol.

This desire to eat steak is driven by trends here in the West. By what people see online, on TV, and in the movies. We create trends, and the world follows. Because of this, traditional foods are being abandoned for foods people see on TV and can buy on grocers shelves.

Moving away from traditional foods in favor of fancy foods like steak is a serious problem facing us today.

We all know the harm meat production causes: pollution, deforestation, and the inhumane way we treat commercial livestock. Well, there’s a solution, but you’re probably not going to like it due to unwarranted cultural fears.

Before I mention the ancient food source, let me give this perspective.

It took until the 1800s to hit one billion people on our planet. When I was born in 1960, there were three billion people. The world’s population doubled to six billion by the time I was forty. By 2050, when my kids are my age, there will be nearly nine billion people on our planet.

We’re having trouble feeding everyone now. With half again as many people on our planet, it’s only going to get worse. Food insecurity is a significant factor in the strife and wars our world faces today.



Bill Broadbent

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